1st International Symposium on Zygmunt Bauman is organized by Sosyal Bilimler Platformu (The Platform of Social Sciences). Sosyal Bilimler Platformu which started its journey with the motto of “Kayda Değer Akademik Metinler (Noteworthy Academic Texts)” began its broadcasting life on 10 August, 2015. It is an academic platform which is open to serve for and to be served by every individual who studies social sciences.

Sosyal Bilimler Platformu, both contributes to Turkish academic literature and presents access To sources of social sciences literature through translation studies, copyrighted works, academic interviews, texts by analysing and introducing books and magazines, documentaries, movie readings, book drawings held regularly once in a month that are all produced by the platform’s voluntary team. This platform has grabbed attracted attention of thousands of readers whose majority of ehom are students and academicians at universities and academicians and has been followed through its web site and social media accounts since it started to its doings. The platform which became widely known in academic circles in a short span of time, has reached hundreds of thousands of readers via works that were published. Detailed informatin, you can check the “Hakkında” [About] page of our websites.

Sosyal Bilimler Platformu has decided to arrange a serial of international symposiums periodically by means of reflecting its virtual platfrom’s its dynamic and energetic structure to the real atmosphere. Symposium on Zymunt Bauman which will be held in Izmir in May, 2017 is the first symposium of that series. “1st International Symposium on Sociology of Religion” and “1st International Symposium on Anthony Giddens” are other planned symposiums of the series.