• Looking Through Globalization: Tourist or Vagabond? Parvenue or Pariah?
  • Modernity: Liquid, Ambivalent and Ambiguous
  • Postmodernity: A Forced Choice?
  • From Legislators to Interpreters, From Modernity to Postmodernity
  • Holocaust: Due to Modernity, or in spite of Modernity?
  • Capitalism, Socialism, Work and Consumerism in Bauman’s Thought
  • Equality, Inequality, Richness, Wealth and Poverty in Bauman’s Thought
  • Self, Other and the Stranger in Bauman’s Thought
  • Culture and Polics in Bauman’s Thought
  • Life and Love, Mortality and Immortality in Bauman’s Thought
  • Ethics and Morality in Bauman’s thought
  • Modernity and Postmodernity in Bauman’s Thought
  • Surveillance versus Freedom
  • Identity and Community in an Unsecured World

Dear participants, feel free to choose your own study area with the inspiration from Bauman and his thought. Titles above are expressed just to give an idea.

The abstracts of the submissions accepted for the symposium will be published as proceedings and full text articles will be published in international refereed journal of Social Sciences Platform if accepted by refferees.