By taking into consideration both the remarks and personal views uttered by a certain number of academicians in Turkey on Bauman, and the quality and quantity of academic studies on Bauman  in Turkey, and besides, the publishers’ printing conditions of books on Bauman (independently of the supply-demand issue), we are of the opinion that Bauman is not appreciated enough in the context of social sciences in Turkey, a healthy platform to discuss his ideas has not been created, sufficient number of studies have not been held and (while the reason is still obscure) he is as if disregarded. It is worrisome that Bauman, who has about 70 copyrighted works, produces constantly and is one of the most cited social scientists, is not valued in Turkey as much as he deserves. Due to these reasons, we have made a decision to hold an international symposium on Bauman once in two years. The most important result of this kind of a symposium is undoubtedly to raise a well-deserved awareness about Bauman in Turkey and to provide a necessary step to pave the way for discussion on him.